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לוגו חן הקוסם לילדים

A magic show for children


A magical show – fits the description:

Happy, musical, funny, fascinating and a real memorable experience.


As a professional birthday magician I arrive at the scene of the performance around 30 minutes before the children do, and first of all make the initial and personal contact with the birthday boy\girl.

As a children's magician I already amuse and make the children laugh while I prepare and raise the set, and while I spread my magic on the table. I bring them into the fun spirit that will lead us during the entire celebration.


A birthday of magic –

I open the show with a few birthday songs accompanied by the accordion, and with the first note already referring all of the children's attention to our "birthday prince" or "birthday princess". During the songs the birthday boy or girl become "the sorcerer's apprentice", and they sit by my side, distribute the prizes, choose the children, do everything along with me and eventually become the birthday magician themselves and succeed in performing magic than no one else succeeds to perform (including me).

After the songs and a few funny acts that keep the children rolling from the carpet to the floor with laughter, I begin the great magic performance!


My magic –

I've been developing my magic act for children for years, based on past success. All of my magic tricks are professional and updated, and they are all hits.

These are powerful and fascinating magic tricks, magic tricks that are suited especially for 3-7-year-olds, which speak to the children at their level, not intimidating and with a lot of humor and charm. During the birthday party I teach the children at least two magic tricks they may perform on their own at home and thus become real magicians.

I've taken videos of the magic tricks that I teach during my show, they are on the website so that the children can see them over and over again. This way, the children may practice and actually succeed in performing magic tricks themselves, leaving them with actual added value from the birthday party. As a magician for children it is important to me also to show the learning side of this field.


A magical activity for the children and the whole family –

During the show I integrate games along with an activity using a parachute, balloon sculpting or sparkly tattoos and more. All of this, of course, according to the parent's and child's choice, given previous notice.


The duration of the birthday party is fitted according to the children's ages:

Ages 3-4 will have 1.5 hours of a birthday celebration, of which 50 minutes will be the actual act.

Ages 5-7 will have 2 hours of a birthday celebration, of which 70 minutes will be the actual act.

Ages 8-10 will have 2 hours of a birthday celebration, 45 minutes magic show, 25 minutes teaching magic.

In the middle of the show I stop for one lunch break, and at the end of the show I go back to the accordion and in a festive and musical spirit conduct over the cake ceremony, the raising of the chair, the distribution of the prizes and balloons to all the children… in short: a real celebration.


During the 15 years of which I've been a birthday magician, I've gained a lot of enriched experience and I can promise a performance that will be magical, funny, fun, interesting and most importantly a strengthening one for the birthday boy\girl, of whom this is their special day.


A great experience and fun to all!

See you soon,

Chen Hakosem.